Welcome to DerpMail!

DerpMail is a free mail service that gives people a reliable and private email service on a large variety of awesome pony domains. We're currently only offering service to a handful of closed beta testers. Come back soon!
DerpMail also provide free email service to a handful of pony-related projects on their own domain or on one of the trusted in-house domains!

There are more options in the hamburger menu.

This website and all DerpMail services are available at derpmail.pw, mail.derpyhooves.xyz, the tor hidden service mentioned below, as well as the "mail" subdomain of any domain using DerpMail services.

There is also a tor hidden service for those who want to access mail anonymously. derpmailod2b4axq.onion
The tor hidden service currently hosts this website and all webmail clients. It does not presently host any IMAP, POP, or SMTP access, however that is planned for the near future. The tor network has built-in TLS, so SSL is not required. Tor network access may be slugish.